Novatech Robo is one of the leading Robotic Companies started in the year 2010. Our motto is to equip the students' community with the most advanced and innovative concepts in the Robotics Industry. This inturn would help the young generation of any developing countries on par with the top nations. Novatech Robo was able to exhibit the most versatile building system using the NOVABOT Set. The Set helps to create and command robots that can walk, talk, think, and can do anything to the limit of human imaginations. And the way to achieve this is to follow step-by-step 3D building instructions, which are very intuitive, easy to follow: icon-based programming NOVASOFT interface.

Our R&D makes sure to regularly monitor the trends of the industry and our technocrats have already come up with Novabot Version 2, also as we speak the Novabot V3 is in the pipeline as well.

We strive to implement world-class technology-driven and sustainable products, solutions, services to our clients thereby showcasing the portfolio of quality brands to the world. Some of the standout engineered projects were subject to Commercial projects including Drones for commercial applications like transport and agricultural purposes. Furthermore, developing Robot kits for various applications is one of our mottoes and some of our major achievements are Line-Following-Robot, Follow-Me-Robot, DTMF robot, and Sumo-Robot. We have also developed

Novatech has imparted robotic training to more than 100000 Middle and High School Students in academic School training programs; Around 5000 students in summer and vocational camps; Around 2000 engineering students have benefited by training in engineering projects; More than 100 professors in the engineering faculty development program; Several internships programs for students in India and abroad as well.

Stanislaw Bobela is one of the many engineering students at Alborg University Demark, who has done his master thesis program in robotics at Novatech. This reflects the interests and opportunities for our students to dream big.

More than 250 Students Trained by Novatech have participated in International Competitions (Robofest and WRO) in the USA and Russia. They have won a standing position in competition with the world-recognized robot experts in countries like Japan, China, USA Korea, Taiwan as well. Novatech is on the road to raising a military of robotic doctors, developers, engineers, trainers, teachers, and many others to create a better future. And this can only be achieved if and only if we start training our younger generation in Robotics.

We pledge to connect a million young minds and provide Robotic education through schools and colleges of all streams; STEaM ( Science Technology Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Novatech is investing time, energy, expertise, technology, and money in the future of India, the World, and Mankind. We foster creative and practical problem-solving skills that can benefit the generations to come, ie, our approach will help resolve the major problems caused by the lack of creativity and practical knowledge which in turn will impact the social, economic, developments.

NOVABOT robot revolution is on the fore.

Novatech is creating a team of visionaries in technocrats, engineers, doctors, teachers, etc that will make a difference in the 21st century.


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